firing VI June 13-15, 2014

I have pursued a new direction through devoting the past year and a half to complete an installation of 108 drinking vessels which reference world ceramic cultures. With the assistance of Jeremy Addington’s design work and splendid photos, I have published a book now available on line through the website

Proposals have been sent to public galleries.  This body of work was achieved through the support of a Kootenay Columbia Cultural Alliance Major Project Grant for 2013-14.

IMBIBE: VESSELS OF ILLUMINATION was fired together in one kiln load, June 13-15, 2014, and the results are outstanding. This family of world cups reference the singular visual language of shared symbols, iconography and design language elements from ancient sacred traditions.

unloading a grail from the project:  IMBIBE: VESSELS OF CELEBRATION

The opportunity for intensive exploration of world archetypes has been a wonderful challenge, and I have delighted in the extensive research aspects of this project. Watch for further updates over the next few months.

sneak preview-one cup from each of nine geo-regions

IMBIBE vessels from first chamber back stack June 2014

IMBIBE: nine cups of 108- representing each of nine geo-regions