Every chalice, flagon, or “wee-finikin” (shot or tincture cup) is made with an individual ergonomic design and attitude,  to fit different hands,  proportions and preferences.

Wee Finikins of Cheer, Health, Delight

I seek to express just the right feel and balance for each individual cup, to bring to the hand of the user a freshness of strength, softness, and gesture,  contrasting vigorous life forces with comforting ease and quietude.

Poetic titles invite intuitive realizations to be revealed through use.

I trust that each cup will find it’s perfect fit in the hands, heart and spirit of exactly the right person.

Flagon of Bold Loving

Flagon of Bold Loving

This is a cup,

Yet not chalice alone;

It is a grail of mystery

And a heart’s response

Of tenderness,

And intention


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