Temenos Devas of Transformation and Transcendence

Dragons and Devas are benevolent elemental beings,

who manifest through my hands of their own accord,

bringing blessings from invisible worlds.

Kula Ala'i Mo'o/Gentle Golden Dragon

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  1. We collected several pieces of Pamela’s work in the early 1970’s, 1980’s (and possibly in the early 1990’s) and have a fab. collection. We are so thrilled that we have so many wonderful pieces, including a dragon. We are thrilled that you are still involved in pottery (ceramics) and still doing such magnificent creations. So great chatting with you tonight and our best to Sandy. Sharon and Eugene Leveque

  2. thank you so much Joyce!

  3. These are so beautiful. Many of our class members (Punahou ’70) are water dragons. To me, Pamela’s dragons evoke gentleness and grace rather than aggressive fire; they swirl rather than blast and burn. I love the devas too – they feel benevolent, spiritual, and mysterious.