Bowls and chargers are universal symbols of nurture and receptivity, beautiful simple forms which also serve as three-dimensional canvases for carved imagery and accent colors from slip and glaze.

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  1. hello there Dan Tarcea
    thanks for writing
    i cannot place the exact year of your Merry Bowl, and wonder if there is a roman numeral notation on the base … for the past seven years since building my large new wood kiln, I have written numeral “I” through “VI” to date my work, guided by the philosophy that the years no longer matter, only the firings need honoring…… the majority of my pottery made from 1973 to 2007 had a carved date and a version of my my name, and/or chop mark/stamp…. but very small pieces often did not have room for much writing….
    or….you could send me a photo and i could guess the year???
    all the best

  2. Hello

    I recently acquired a Merry Bowl created by yourself. When did you make this bowl?


  3. The soul of the bowl, is the inside curve 😉