I enjoy designing and making many forms to serve in the celebration of daily pleasures,  rituals, mysteries and traditions.

Vase for the Glories of the Garden

Vases are among my favorite vessels, and the presence of flowers elevates consciousness; vases represent the infinite possibilities of form and character in creation.

Candelabra enrich our lives and enhance ceremonial occasions as well as the simplest of rituals, invoking traditions of fire rites and offerings from diverse world cultures.

The unique form of the Candle-Vase is designed to serve as an assemblage of either one entity or as two separate pieces, for both candle light and flowers.

Aroma therapy lanterns are a delight to make and serve in many traditions of healing and introspection.

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  1. beautiful, sensitive forms; some kind of nostalgic or sub-conscious feelings awaken seeing these unique pieces of art!