Looking through the passive dampers into second chamber

Looking through the passive dampers into second chamber

Wood Firing is a fire rite of ancient lineage.

This time intensive ceramic process results in an extraordinary intensity of complex surfaces, whose warm palette of rich fiery colors glow with tangible vibrancy.

I design pieces especially for different parts of the kiln,  and place them exactly with intention in different locations to best illuminate their details and designs in the different flame paths and atmospheres of the chambers.

The commitment of time and energy to prepare all of the waste wood and demolition lumber we use, as well as  the physicality of the entire process, results in a slower work cycle.   It takes a week to load the kiln, three days to fire, five days to cool.

I spend many hours on every one of a kind piece and find my contemplative slower cycle of designing and making work to be fulfilling.

only the most deserving pots are selected for one or two wood-soda firings each year

I also fire up my electric kiln occasionally, testing fresh colors and new ideas in between the wood kiln firings.a quote from MC Richards :

“The art of fire perfects the mystery, completes the life line of our common clay…

Self creation is an art of fire; each person forms his spirit’s housing and celestial cistern”