“blowhole” back pressure flames communicate precise information on the atmosphere within the chamber

The process of Wood-Soda Firing my porcelain pottery, sculpture and ceramic paintings to extreme temperatures of 2,400 degrees F. is a consecrated  mystery. and very hard work.

The firing becomes a dialogue with the powers of the kiln itself,  transformed into a living entity communicating through elemental force and transcendent beauty.

By the year 2007 my small 16 cubic foot wood kiln KIBRIYA was disintegrating after 24 firings, and the vision of  a larger wood-soda kiln was taking form to became Our Bhava Ultraea, the ultimate devotion.

All the used refractory from my first kiln with combined with three other used kilns and a ton of new fire brick to become this gorgeous new ship of fire, fit to sail fiercely through the sunless seas of white heat that beacon us on.

The undulating porcelain pots and sculptures are placed with care in the flow of draft through out the kiln in positions that will best accentuate the dramatic narrative markings that will result from the windward to leeward flame paths.

Atmospheric flashing and soda glaze surfaces are seared forever upon the work in two very distinct palettes from the two different kiln chambers, each piece recording the three day journey of firing in a totally individual way.