After two years of planning, gathering of materials, construction, intense hard work, and dedication of spirit, the first firing of our superb kiln BHAVA ULTRAEA was celebrated over New Years 2009.

Each firing continues to be a celebration of our collaboration, of all consuming successes and profoundly rewarding learning experiences.

The myriad of diverse pieces that have emerged from each firing are ever increasingly enriched with luscious and evocative surfaces that are achievable because of our great collaborative strength as a devoted crew.

The growth of  intuitive inner dialogue between potter and kiln is resulting in marvelous and unexpected new directions that are manifesting in the vessels and sculpture made specifically for our Bhava Ultraea, as well as in our life visions and friendships.

I are deeply grateful to kiln partners and dear friends Susanne Ashmore and Diane Burt,  and especially to potter, friend and kiln builder Cameron Stewart, whose great strength, experience, masonry skills, and good humor are integral to the beauty, power and fine tuned responsive sensitivities of our two chamber 72 cubic foot Cat-arch Wood-Soda kiln.

Appreciations and honor to clay friends and former students who have given heart, spirit, and sweat so joyfully to stages of kiln building and to firing crews.  Potters Noam Ash, Kaitlan Murphy, Robin DuPont, Kristen Young, Anita Floether, Lisa Christie, Vin Aurora, you have each given tremendous contributions to firing crews.  Kass Swankey, Geri Rinkel, Kevin Ross, Charlie Satterlee,  good neighbors all, I thank you for you assistance at our kiln building parties!

The joys of teamwork in one heart accord will continue to nurture us and the work we make as we continue to fire together through the years.

photo credits-RicardO Hubbs, and friends